Environmental Matters

Nichols & Eberth represents families and individuals in the Detroit Metro Area whose health or property is threatened by environmental contamination. Frequently, the contamination cases we bring are class action lawsuits related to toxic industrial chemicals released into the environment.

We have experience with a variety of toxic injuries and toxic chemical contamination in such situations, including ground water and well water contamination with TCE, PCE and other volatile organic compounds (VOC?s); soil contamination with arsenic; air contamination with hydrogen sulfide and chromium.

Nichols & Eberth attorneys also handle cases for families whose homes have been damaged by storm water flooding which often results in the growth of toxic mold.

Nichols & Eberth attorneys seek for compensation and relief for our clients in a variety of ways, including:

  • Filing Class Action lawsuits on behalf of neighborhoods whose environment has been contaminated;
  • Filing lawsuits on behalf of individuals whose health has been injured by toxic chemicals which often are ingested through drinking water;
  • Seeking injunctive relief for families and individuals — in other words, a court order demanding that the polluter promptly remedy the environmental contamination; and
  • Demanding government action — by either the federal or state Environmental Protection Agency — to remedy the contamination problem.