Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving & DUI Law Multiple Offenses

I have just been arrested for OUIL. My last conviction was over ten years ago. Can or will the judge look at this previous history for sentencing purposes? I had multiple convictions prior to that ten-year gap and quit drinking for ten years until the other night when I slipped and got caught. Most likely not, considering the OUIL conviction from over ten years ago. However, keep in mind that the convictions are considered from the date of sentencing until the date of charge.

Drunk Drivers Cannot Register Vehicles

A new Michigan law, which took effect on June 1, 2000, holds that those drivers with three or more alcohol-related convictions or four or more violations of a driver license suspension or revocation or denial will not be allowed to register a vehicle in his or her name. If such a person wants to purchase a vehicle, it will have to be titled in someone else’s name. However, anyone who would allow such a bad driver to possess a vehicle that is titled to him or her would run a tremendous liability risk.