Business Incorporation

Business Incorporation Services

Here is everything that is included in our full service plan for business incorporations.

  1. Research corporate name availability.
  2. Research URL availability for a website.
  3. Prepare and file your Articles of Incorporation.
  4. Submit the required fee to the Secretary of State for filing Articles.
  5. Prepare your corporation’s By-laws “ready for signature.”
  6. Prepare your corporation’s Organizational Resolutions “ready for signature.”
  7. Prepare the Stock Purchase Agreement “ready for signature.”
  8. Prepare the Stock Ledger.
  9. Prepare the Stock Certificates “ready for signature.”
  10. Prepare a Shareholder buyout agreement or a buy/sell agreement.
  11. Prepare your corporation’s Federal Application for Tax ID Number “ready for signature.” (We will also obtain your Tax ID Number if local rules permit).
  12. Obtain your corporation’s minute book and seal and put all the papers together for you. You will know where to sign because every place requiring a signature will be marked with a “Sign-Here” sticker.

We will also be available to answer your questions at any time during the incorporation process.