Auto Negligence

What Is Auto Negligence Law?

Auto negligence law is the area of law that covers serious injuries related to an auto accident.   In Michigan, all auto negligence cases are governed by the No Fault Act.   This act limits your right to recover from the person who caused your injuries only to cases where there is a serious injury to you.    This area of law is very complex and requires an attorney to explain it to you.   Please call Nichols & Eberth, P.C., for a free consultation.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured?

If you believe that your injury may have been caused by the negligence, carelessness or intentional act of another, then please call Nichols & Eberth, P.C., for a consultation.    In the meantime, you should avoid discussing the matter with any persons who you do not know;  in particular, anyone associated with the person or the business who may have caused your injury, including their attorney, investigator or insurance company.   You can discuss the matter with your own treating physicians and if contacted, the police.    Please keep in mind that what you say about the accident or your injuries to others may be used later and it can effect the amount of recovery that you may receive, or even if you will be able to recover.   It is advisable to make contact with Nichols & Eberth, P.C., as soon as possible, so that you can make sure that you are given proper legal advice on how to further proceed.

How Much Do I Pay in Attorney Fees?

Attorney fees in auto negligence cases are based on a percentage of the amount recovered in the matter, and they are contingent on your actually receiving an award or a settlement.    If there is no award or settlement, then you will not pay any attorney fees.    You will, however, have to pay for any out-of-pocket costs incurred by your attorney in representing you in the case.    At Nichols & Eberth, P.C., we will discuss the attorney fee arrangement with you at the very first meeting and we will provide you with a written contract so that you will know the percentage that we will receive if you recover.